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Anna Maccieri Rossi’s Everlasting Art

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Anna Maccieri Rossi’s Everlasting Art

Her world is all about time. anna maccieri rossi of italy creates timeless jewels that comprise her cherished memories and dreams, her present-day moments and more.

Anna Maccieri Rossi grew up in Reggio Emilia, a city in Emilia Romagna, Italy, a generous land of tradition and a cultural and tourist centre. Her childhood has the scent of rosemary and mint – and evokes memories of the vineyard that her grandfather owned and their large country house.

Jewellery Love

My mother opened her jewellery store, Pietra di Luna, in 1993. The store was named after her favourite gem – themoonstone. I remember after school, I would head to the store to play with gemstones at her store. Stones have a great energy and I always felt there was something magical about them. My mum has now moved to Cesenatico, closer to where I live with my family. Her beautiful new store is a gem and it is called Ametis.

Honing Skills

After college, I studied Technical Design and Art of Jewelry at Le Arti Orafe, Florence. In 2006, I was selected, along with 19 students from across the world for a programme, ‘Master Of Arts In Design And Applied Arts,’ at the Creative Academy – a prestigious school run by the Richemont Group. And thanks to this excellent school, I had the opportunity to start my career with Cartier, in Paris, doing an internship in Design Luxury Goods.

Right after my stint at Cartier in early 2007, I joined Jaeger-Le Coultre (JLC) and worked there until 2012. The experience that I have had in Switzerland, in Le Sentier, is very important to me. It wasn’t easy; especially at the beginning. But it was here that I met people who changed me, taught me even more than I could have imagined. I was new to the watch world, but in that incredible valley, it was so natural to feed the passion for it. I learned that designing a watch isn’t like designing any other product. Everything has to be balanced: proportions, dimensions, thickness, inside and outside. All the elements need to be in harmony and, only then can something magical happen. I was working constantly with artisans, gem-setters, enamellers, and true artists of the technique. I was in a team comprising very talented designers and project managers; most of them are now my best friends.

Brand Vision

After having spent more than 10 years drawing for some of the most beautiful brands in the luxury world – Cartier, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Bulgari and Tiffany & Co. and Ferragamo Timepieces – it was but natural to wish to create something of my own. Something that would express my vision, my knowledge and sensitivity. It has been, and still is, a privilege to collaborate with companies so rich in culture, history and heritage.

Design Aesthetics

My collections are dominated by the theme of Time – that’s my primary inspiration. I do believe that jewellery should be timeless, in a way. I wanted to create pure, essential and geometric jewels which could express my world, my art and my memory. Anna Maccieri Rossi is a fine jewellery brand inspired by time and art – like my life.

Debut Collection

I wanted to have a change, a transformation, which could express grace and tell a very intimate story: this collection is called Teatro because as in an opera, you could live through different scenes and feelings. Imagine having a stage that reveals your personal story or that turns those hours into your own time, made not of seconds but of memories and dreams that are yours! I wanted to use a quartz movement because it is easy to enjoy.

Inspirations in Life

I think my mother has been a strong inspiration for me, as a mum, and as a tenacious businesswoman. Apart from my mother, I believe I have learned so much from all my family, from the people I met, from Switzerland where I lived, from my husband and now from my children. Every day, I feel extremely grateful, inspired and wrapped in a positive and very strong energy.

Collaborating with Artisans

I am currently collaborating with a team of 3D designers from Riccione who have a very strong background in jewellery. I love talking to them about technical solutions, innovative materials and limitations to overcome. I work with enamellers in Switzerland, including a very talented independent artist, whose work is amazing.


The couture show is a dream. I feel so grateful to have been selected to be part of the Design Atelier; I cannot wait to participate and enter into this wonderful community. I am also participating at the Design Awards with one of my favourite pieces – Teatro, Wolf Story. It is a cuff with a movement that allows the dial to make a tour of 24-hours, telling the story of a wolf – an animal that symbolises strength, wisdom, love, family and life. There is a gold star at the centre, representing the seconds hand. It moves every instant to remind us that time is important and precious.

“I can personalise the design for the client through information, by drawing upon emotions, colours and figures.”


Art Collection – Lupo alla Luna (Wolf at the moon). Pendant in white gold, mother-of-pearl, natural aquamarine cabochon-cut. The dial is engraved, carved featuring Tahiti mother-of-pearl and mosaic of gold, adorned with a white gold star with diamond.

Orso al Miele (Honey Bear Collier) in silver and yellow gold pendant. Dial in golden mother-ofpearl, hand-painted and engraved natural amber.

Model wearing Art Collection, Lupo negli occh (Wolf in the eye) pendant.

The Teatro del Mare cuff is a very special amulet equipped with a movement that allows the jewel to change. Its appearance changes through a quartz movement that allows the mother-of-pearl disc, located inside the watch casing, to make a round of 24 hours.


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