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An exquisite 18-karat white gold collection from Aurelle by Leshna Shah showcases a unique marriage between different elements of white pearls, emeralds, rubies and diamonds.


World-renowned haute jewellery designer Alexandra Mor unveiled her first ever collection made of tagua seeds.

Alessio Boschi’s astonishing works of art have time and again been the topic of conversation.

Spanish jewellery brand Magerit is well known for its creativity and originality.

The iconic High Jewellery collection by Chopard underscores the art of weaving embroidery with high creativity and technical virtuosity.

Founder and creative head Haig Avakian of Avakian recently created a series of Gatsby earrings especially for the Cannes Film Festival.

The recent Art Deco collection from Aurelle by Leshna Shah revives the royal era when elegant style met graceful timelessness.

Couture brand Anmol introduces an exquisite range of lightweight jewellery titled Stardust.

Ace jewellery designer ANAND SHAH’s love affair with gold is eternal…designing jewellery is a spiritual act for him and he encapsulates his love for …

Jennifer Ewah is a jewellery artist with a mission to combine beauty with compassion – every righteous and ethical act of hers results from putting others before her own interest.


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