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Bridal Fashion Jewellery Is Here To Stay

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Bridal Fashion Jewellery Is Here To Stay

Rahul Luthra of Ra Abta, has risen to fame quickly because of his skilfully designed and crafted bridal jewellery in the fashion segment. Luthra is one of those few lucky ones who have turned their passion into a profession. Ra Abta has established itself as one of the most sought-after fashion jewellery brands for weddings in India in just five years since its inception.

Ra Abta is associated with eminent brands like Pernia’s Pop Up Shop, Aza, Minerali, Azotiique, and Ogaan to name a few.

Rahul notes, “Indian weddings are not just a one-day celebration. The bride and groom invest in elaborate outfits and jewellery for the occasion. The bride prefers high-finish jewellery set with semi-precious stones as no one wants to tag real jewellery to a destination wedding. Ferrying across real jewellery involves customs clearance, tedious documentation and more.”

What is trending these days? “Fashion jewellery trends largely depend on what is trending on the runways. For instance, summer weddings saw a lot of pastels, so pastel jewellery set with rubellites and rose quartz beads are popular today.

“Also, movies are great influencers. After the release of the film Padmaavat, brides have been demanding borlas or armlets, oversized matha pattis (forehead bands),  big nose rings and double jhumkas. So, versatile matha pattis that can be later worn as chokers, big nose rings that can be converted into hoops are in demand.

However, I always advice my clients to wear what looks good on them. You never know they might set a trend!”

An important point to note is that even if many brides do wear fine jewellery, they prefer to opt for nose rings, anklets, haath phools (hand ornaments) and hair ornaments that are not precious.

Rahul states, “So they maintain a fine balance by keeping family traditions alive by donning a few heirloom pieces, and they complete their bridal look by wearing fashion jewellery add-ons.”

He concludes, “In the coming years, semi-precious jewellery will find a strong positioning of up to 70% of the market targeting fashion aficionados. The fashion jewellery segment is definitely looking to a shinier future, because more than 60% of urban couples will prefer having destination weddings! Good for us!”



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