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Leading Light

AMRNG_TAG6002_AIn a major milestone to mark her 7th anniversary, world renowned haute jewellery designer Alexandra Mor unveiled her first ever collection of tagua seeds, an alternative for elephant ivory, to spread awareness about sustainable luxury jewellery. Plus, 20% of the proceeds of Alexandra’s Tagua Seed collection will go to an elephant organisation.

The artist was distressed upon learning that elephant ivory is still being used for fine jewellery. This led her to craft a spiritually connected, human and eco-conscious line, by replacing elephant ivory with tagua seeds, a botanical alternative identical to elephant ivory.

The Capsule collection incorporates traditional, handcrafted Balinese workmanship and heritage with the use of wild-harvested tagua seeds, and heralds an evolution of Mor’s signature design aesthetic with the use of new materials discovered on her 2017 artistic journey in Bali, Indonesia.

AMEAR_TAG006The limited, one-of-a-kind edition comes together with the harmonious use of artisanal, hand-carved tagua seeds, black and red Balinese wood, Sumatran pearls and 22-karat yellow gold work, gemstones and diamond melees.

Alexandra Mor says that in just one year, a single tagua palm can produce as much ivory as an average African elephant can in its lifetime and can offer a real solution to help stop the senseless killing of beautiful and soulful animals.

“Through this Capsule collection, I will bring awareness of the tragic reality of species on the brink of extinction, the preservation of native forests and the people and culture that depend on their survival.

AMEAR_TAG6007“There is so much about my Balinese experience that connects with my spiritual and personal story as a woman and a designer; so it was only natural to make my new collection entirely crafted and designed in Bali with my local team. I’m honoured to be able to share this creative journey and collaborate with both local craftsman in Bali and other fine jewellery designers on the annual Vogue US Protagonist event, to inspire and bring more awareness and empower my collectors, retailers and colleagues alike with extraordinary, and more meaningful jewellery.”

The collection consists of earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets, cuffs and a clutch inspired by traditional Balinese design motifs like the Tree of Life, or Kayonan, Mala, and the Kalabubu, the Nias headhunters’ warrior necklace.

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