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Modern Nostalgia

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Modern Nostalgia

Earrings-2Borrowing from South India’s temples and rich cultural heritage and traditions, the latest Samskaara collection by Unniyarcha’s founder and creative head Divya Nambiar, invokes the intricate artwork
amplified by vivid colours. Derived from the Sanskrit word Samskara, which denotes the basic moral values which have been instilled in us since generations, this collection is a tribute to strong Indian roots, heritage and culture. It is also a eulogy to the basic traits of courage, morality, honesty, truth
and peace. All the 33 designs of Samskaara, consisting of earrings and necklaces, have been
handcrafted using 22-karat gold plated brass inlaid with green and red onyx, rose quartz, green
and blue resin, pearls, enamel and mother-of-pearl. Peacock figurines and Ganpati motifs are
a recurring theme throughout the collection. Samskaara offers a slice of tradition wrapped with high
design value.
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