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Nature’s Delights

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Nature’s Delights

Infinia (4)Infinia (3)Founded in 1986 by Jacob Arabo, Jacob & Co. in USA is renowned for its groundbreaking jewellery and watch designs. This season, the brand presents four collections draped in colour. The 18-karat white gold Infinia collection captures the emotions of falling in love and encapsulates it in jewels spread with marquise-cut rubies, white diamonds, or Infinia (1)emeralds, and interwoven with round white diamonds. The motifs featuring the infinity symbol with deep, saturated gem colours – symbolising infinite love that lasts forever.

Abielle (2)

The Talia collection (meaning rain from the heavens) consists of earrings that cascade with white diamonds paired with rubies, emeralds or sapphires, while the Solina collection mimics the radiance of the sun in light designs set with white diamonds and 18-karat white and rose gold.

solina (2)solina (1)

Colourful bees of 18-karat white gold are the focus of the Abielle collection – an understated symbol of wisdom and courage, the true power of bees exceeds their subtle size. The brooches are invisibly set with blue or yellow sapphires or rubies in 18-karat white gold.


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