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Antonini-Atolli-collectionAtolli, the new collection by Antonini continues to experiment with lucid geometric shapes in gold and diamonds, and this time he introduces a new element: jet, known also as gagate. The collection references the form of an atoll, its unique outline that embraces a stretch of crystal clear water, in this case a stretch of shimmering jewels. The use of gold in many finishes and diamonds in various shades from white to black, bring to life the simple and elegant circular elements of an atoll. Jet is a black fossil stone, historically used in Victorian England as an ornamental stone or to obtain jet black pearls. When polished, it acquires a dark glow.
The Atolli collection has two sub lines – a more precious one, with the round casket containing a pavé of white diamonds in varying sizes, and a trendier one where the heart of the jewel has a matt jet surface.
The Atolli collection has the Antonini logo imprinted and burnished on the inside to make it more
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