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NewOneFashion jewellery label, Eurumme by Eshita Puri, unveiled the new eco-friendly collection made with discarded cardboard. The material is upcycled and transformed into chic jewellery – ideal for the generation that is environmentally conscious. The collection named Metanoia comes from a Greek word meaning ‘to change one’s purpose’ and ‘help create a fundamental and stable change in one’s life-orientation’.

Metanoia is an interesting fusion of traditional and modern handcrafted, metal-plated cardboard motifs that encourage the wearer to reflect on how reusing any material can make a huge impact.

The collection has been inspired by Mesopotamian jewellery that included metals like copper, gold and silver, along with gemstones.

Eishita found her inspiration when she noticed how many boxes and packages were being used and then just dumped on a regular basis by fashion stylists, curators, and designers. She found a new, unique process where she collected cardboard pieces of different thickness and then started experimenting by plating it with different metals to form gold, rose gold, silver and gun metal pieces.

Eishita commented, “I am excited to bring my new collection, Metanoia with an aspect to bring a change in the market by reusing the waste and making it look beautiful and unique at the same time. Metanoia is our contribution to environment preservation. It’s a small step, but a meaningful one nonetheless. It is also in sync with the brand philosophy of creating handcrafted jewellery that is made from unconventional materials, to help you make a statement whilst contributing towards protecting the environment.”

Established in 2015, Eurumme is known for its handcrafted designs. The imperfectly perfect jewellery is loved by all, including many Bollywood celebrities like Sonam Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra, Freida Pinto, Neha Dhupia, Swara Bhaskar, Sayani Gupta and more.

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