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Perfectly Imperfect

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Perfectly Imperfect

NecklaceYou’re a media and communications graduate from Melbourne. What made you switch to jewellery designing?

It wasn’t planned at all! Jewellery just happened. I worked at the Associated Press in New Delhi for almost three years, after which I quit, and decided to launch a jewellery label. I’ve always been creatively inclined and one day, I just decided to take the plunge. My mother used to dabble in jewellery decades ago, so maybe it was embedded in my consciousness during my childhood. But there was never a real plan to make a profession out of jewellery designing. I started sketching randomly one day with pencil and paper. One thing led to another, and here I am!

When did you establish your brand? Tell us about the first collection that you made.

Eurumme was established towards the end of 2015. Initially, I experimented with a lot of raw multi-colour stones. The use of rough textured stones was never intentional; those are just the kinds of stones and materials I was drawn to. Gradually, I moved on to playing around with textured metals and improper shapes. It comes more naturally to me, so I stuck to it.

Eurumme--(5) Your preferred metal is brass with gold plating. Tell us why.

Honestly, brass is an easy metal to work with. It’s easily malleable and plates well with gold or silver. It is also more cost-effective, so it helps keep my price points low, while creating high-quality products.

Your signature style is to keep the creations irregular, be it in terms of shape or texture. Could you tell us the philosophy of your brand?

Eurumme is all about glorifying flawed beauty. The brand’s philosophy is ‘Imperfect is Beautiful. While designing a piece of jewellery, and also while giving it finishing touches, a deliberate effort is made to ensure that the end product is perfectly imperfect. The pieces are raw, unfinished, distressed and incongruent.

Who is Eurumme’s typical customer?

Eurumme is for the busy woman, who has a million things to do; who is always multitasking, and yet finds time for herself. I think everyone is fighting a battle of their own at some level or the other, but yet we are strong enough to go about doing our things on a daily basis, facing challenges head on. That’s the woman I design for. My jewellery is for every woman, who wants to look good, and feel good, but not necessarily in that order.

ringApart from your online site, where can one buy your collections?

In addition to retailing online from our website, we also retail through a number of stores across various cities such as Delhi (Ogaan, Ensemble, Aza), Mumbai (Atosa, Ensemble, Minerali, Creo), and Bengaluru, Chennai, Pune, Guwahati, among others.


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