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The recently released book, Treasures of the Deccan – Jewels of the Nizam, is written jointly by Usha R. Balakrishnan and Deepthi Sasidharan, and published by Graf Media. The book is a visual documentation of the photographic materials at Chowmahalla Palace…

Teasing out and chiselling an alluring and classy piece of jewellery from a piece of wood can be a challenge as it can be difficult to manipulate it to get the desired result. Wood is organic and is expressive, according to RAZIA KUNJ, the creative founder of the eponymous label that she founded two years ago. Her handmade jewellery collections with colourful Indian motifs have a playful, quirky edge and are infused with a feisty spirit. Blending the natural character of wood with her artistic brilliance, Razia’s collections are earthy yet contemporary in form.

Debasmita Ghosh from Ahmedabad belongs to a breed of artists, who express their ideas by using common material – in her case she prefers the humble glass. In December 2017, Debasmita launched her brand Aadikara, meaning the first
creator, and another name for Lord Brahma. In a short span, success has followed this NIFT and NID Design postgraduate. She manipulates glass to create beautiful, nature-inspired designer jewellery that blew our minds.

A strong in-built design sense combined with a lineage of
Palanpuri community diamond dealers proved to be fortuitous for Riddhi Doshi, a Mumbai-based jewellery designer, who has been steadfastly making a name for herself in the bespoke jewellery segment. Blessed with an affable demeanour, Riddhi loves her profession as much as she loves to look after her husband and her two young children. A jewellery designer par excellence, Riddhi also devotes time to scuba-diving, dancing, and travelling. Her bejewelled, diamond-studded creations blend the magic of quintessentially vintage style and modern-day glamour. Each individual, she believes, is unique and so, she creates a special piece for every special client.
The secret of her success in running an eponymous jewellery
brand since the last ten years lies in hard work, passion towards
her craft, nurturing clients and creating timeless works of art that they can cherish for life.

The Fowler Museum, UCLA, recently held an exhibition focusing on the diverse silver jewellery tradition of the Thar Desert region.


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