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EISHITA PURI, founder designer of a two-year-old New Delhi-based fashion jewellery brand Eurumme (pronounced as yaw-rum), deviates from the beaten track. Her standout handcrafted pieces extol the virtues of imperfection – the minimalist but idiosyncratic creations come in irregular formats and are highlighted with hammered, crushed, brushed, or polished finishes.

Australia-based MARGOT McKINNEY’s jewellery compositions are an aesthetic assembly of colourful gemstones – a bright and muted harmony of hues that evoke striking, polychromatic imagery. A traveller at heart, an astute business woman, a fearless pursuer of her dreams, and an elegant fashionista – Margot is all of this rolled into one. A diva in her own right, she is the most celebrated jewellery artist of her times in her country as well as in cities across the globe where she has left an indelible mark with her varicoloured collections. Travelling around the world for almost half the year to single out gems and pearls for her bold creations, Margot uses this time to take in the beauty of the various landscapes and natural bounties. Back home, an energized Margot gets into the design mode and confesses to literally dreaming up forms and colour combinations – depicting nature in its most captivating avatars.


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A global citizen, Beirut-born jewellery designer Ralph Masri, 28, has spent his entire life juggling between Lebanon, Canada, France and the United Kingdom.


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