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Luxury jewellery brand Birdhichand Ghanshyamdas Jewellers, Jaipur, presents a range of heritage jewellery in which red colour gemstones seize all the attention.

Fashion jewellery label, Eurumme by Eshita Puri, unveiled the new eco-friendly collection made with discarded cardboard. The material is upcycled and transformed into chic jewellery – ideal for the generation that is environmentally conscious.

Renowned gemologist and jewellery designer Farah Khan debuts her first coffee table book on her completion of 25 years in the industry.

Teasing out and chiselling an alluring and classy piece of jewellery from a piece of wood can be a challenge as it can be difficult to manipulate it to get the desired result. Wood is organic and is expressive, according to RAZIA KUNJ, the creative founder of the eponymous label that she founded two years ago. Her handmade jewellery collections with colourful Indian motifs have a playful, quirky edge and are infused with a feisty spirit. Blending the natural character of wood with her artistic brilliance, Razia’s collections are earthy yet contemporary in form.

Debasmita Ghosh from Ahmedabad belongs to a breed of artists, who express their ideas by using common material – in her case she prefers the humble glass. In December 2017, Debasmita launched her brand Aadikara, meaning the first
creator, and another name for Lord Brahma. In a short span, success has followed this NIFT and NID Design postgraduate. She manipulates glass to create beautiful, nature-inspired designer jewellery that blew our minds.


Rendevous Luxe is back with yet another magnificent jewellery collection, showcasing a profusion of precious gemstones in various styles, forms and settings. Every piece …

If there has been a jewellery brand that has chosen to take an offbeat path, it is Magerit, a Spanish company headquartered in Madrid. It was born to be different! Magerit’s creative journey began in 1994, and the co-founders, who came with a wealth of knowledge and expertise, wanted to infuse a level of artistry that distinctly resembled Art Nouveau sculptures. Strong, sinewy and supple human and bestiary forms serenely coexist in the poetic imagery depicted in gold and gemstones, bringing to life nature’s forces, old legends, and mythological figures among others. DANIEL CALVO, the award-winning creative director and one of the owners of Magerit, delves deeper into the design philosophy of this exceptional jewellery brand.


High-end designer jewellery brand Diacolor presents an array of contemporary jewels suffused with fancy-cut diamonds. Discover the power of well-designed jewels that can take …

A stunning collection enriched with luscious rubies by Siddharth Kasliwal, designer and owner of Munnu the Gem Palace, transports you to a world of …

Borrowing from South India’s temples and rich cultural heritage and traditions, the latest Samskaara collection by Unniyarcha’s founder and creative head Divya Nambiar, invokes …


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