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Artistar Jewels 2019 Holds New Promise

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Artistar Jewels 2019 Holds New Promise

All eyes are on the 6th edition of Artistar Jewels that will be held in Milan between February 19th and 24th this year. The much anticipated show brings in a fresh perspective on design, innovation and artistry, year after year.

Artistar Jewels, the international event dedicated to body ornaments, now in its sixth edition, will be held for the first time at Palazzo Bovara in Corso di Porta Venezia in Milan, from February 19th to 24th, 2019.

The entire building will be dedicated exclusively to the event, with over 700 square metres of exhibition space. The creations that will be displayed at the show are of the highest artistic and technical level, most of which were created for the project and never exhibited before.

The exhibition, under the patronage of the City of Milan which has supported the event for three years, is open with free admission during the Fashion Week. From this edition, the event will also be supported by CNA Federmoda, which constitutes the national and unitary system of general representation of the Italian company.

The 2019 edition will, for the first time, see agreements made with galleries outside of Europe such as Bini Gallery in Australia, Ame Gallery in Hong Kong and Alice Floriano in Brazil. All the 14 galleries involved in the project will offer an eclectic mix of collections made with ancient and modern techniques. The founder of Artistar Jewels Enzo Carbone notes, “Artistar Jewels is a growing project, with new partners in Italy and outside of Europe where we are working a lot.

The public attention to contemporary jewellery and artistic manufacture is growing significantly in our country and we are investing not only to spread the culture of this sector, but also to respond to what the designers really ask: international visibility and commercial opportunities. We also thank the City of Milan and CNA Federmoda for their trust in our project.”

Connoisseurs of jewellery and art will get to admire the creations of three protagonists of the art and contemporary jewellery worlds, whose works are internationally recognised: Turi Simeti, one of the most appreciated and quoted contemporary Italian artists and known for his 1960s outbursts; Ute Decker, German sculpture jewellery author, who uses for her creations 100% recycled gold and silver, with Fairtrade certification and she is one of the first supporters of ethical jewellery. Finally, geometric jewels will be present from the impressive structures of the French artist and designer Christophe Burger.

The Artistar committee filtered over 400 applications received from all over the world to select 140 artists. High artistic value, technical experimentation, design, stylistic research, personal interpretation of the traditional techniques, originality of the themes and technological innovations were among the criteria for stringent selection.

Every year, Artistar Jewels offers an unprecedented insight into contemporary jewellery in the field of body ornaments. There are several techniques used — from lost wax, laser cutting, filigree, hand finishing, 3D printing and more. Gold, silver, titanium, leather, fabric, polymers, diamonds, quartz, meteorites, lichens and nanosital are among the materials chosen with strong, unpublished and refined combinations.

The goal of the event is not to regulate and make the rules, but to enhance the uniqueness and the history of each creation, arousing in the visitor wonder, and curiosity. The pieces presented go beyond the decorative element and represent the extension of both the creator and the thoughts of the wearer. The stories of the protagonists are told in the volume Artistar Jewels 2019 through the images of the jewels taken in a photo shoot curated by the team of Artistar Jewels. The book is published by Logo Fausto Lupetti and will be available in all bookshops in Italy and in the main European capitals; it will also be sent to 5,000 professionals, including buyers, concept stores, journalists, stakeholders and jewellery galleries.

The jury of the contest that involves all the jewellery creators comprises Elisabetta Barracchia, director of Vogue Vanity Fair Accessory; Maristella Campi, fashion and costume journalist; Gianni De Liguoro, founding partner and stylist of the famous De Liguoro brand; Ivan Perini Fine Jewelry & Consultancy; Irina Slesareva, director of Jewelery Review Magazine and creative director of the Russian Line Jewelery Contest; Luca Solari, founder and owner of Scuola Orafa Ambrosiana and director of the goldsmith school based in Via Tadino 30 in Milan; Liza Urla, top jewellery blogger and founder of GEMOLOGUE. Finally, the three most voted by all the judges will be the three winners of the 2019 edition, who will take part for free in Artistar Jewels 2020 with special contents published in the 2020 edition of the volume.


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