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The new Matrix collection by Dori Mouzannar, grand nephew of AW Mouzannar, comes up with a personal line bearing his signature tiny ruby in …

Melorra jewellery, a brand for today’s modern consumer, presents a jewellery collection inspired by Indian festive wear – the ultra feminine crop tops and …

Gaelle Khouri, an avant-garde Lebanese jewellery artist based in London, narrates her deepest as well as darkest thoughts through her collections that are edgy …

For Ukrainian genius STANISLAV DROKIN, designing has been a process of self-discovery.

The New Year revelry comes to an end, but not quite yet…

A painting elicits an outpouring of different reactions from its viewers as each person has an individual way of interpreting a familiar object through his or her lens of aesthetics, beliefs, and appreciation.

A recent entrant into the field of jewellery making, Delhi-based NEHA DANI is already being counted in the stratosphere of rare jewellery artists.


There’s an energetic aura about her – her kohl-rimmed eyes, shimmering metallic outfits call to mind the 80s glam era, and her fluffy frizzy hair adds to the unfettered charm.

SANGEETA DEWAN’s work speaks volumes even if she is most comfortable staying behind the scenes. As creative head of Zoya, the couture jewellery retail …


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