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Celebrating Nature

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Celebrating Nature

Inspired by gardens, which for the designer was “one big adventure playground,” Tessa Packard’s new fine jewellery construction aims to build a green world inhabited by bejewelled bugs, tiny turtles, miniature crabs and anemones playing peekaboo amidst flowers, leaves and buds. The collection Once Upon A Time In My Secret Garden features earrings, rings, necklaces, charms and cufflinks. The names of the jewels are imaginative, and fun: hide and seek earrings (featuring key motifs), ring-a-roses ring, cuckoo nest earrings (blossoms set with onyx or white agate), magic fairyland and gardener’s necklaces (featuring leaves, buds).

The collection is an ode to nature and the power of creative imagination, and Tessa wanted her jewellery to look and feel aged, reminiscent of organic moss growing on fallen logs or an ancient drystone wall. All pieces are limited to a six-tone palette of gold, verdigris, gunmetal grey, pure white, sunflower yellow and black. The use of verdigris brass is likewise intentional, admits the designer, who employs stylistic restraint in her collection. The patina’s rustic, green hue aims to represent plant life both in colour and in texture. Steering away from sparkly gems, she has chosen buzzy yellow gems – citrines, yellow agate, yellow sapphires – to bring sunshine to her “happy garden.” Big bold and bright colours cut through the organic tones of jewels.

Available at: Tessa Packard, UK



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