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Dual Artistry

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Dual Artistry

The lines between fashion and couture jewellery are blurring. Fashion shows today are as much about jewellery as they are about clothes. There are several instances where fashion designers have tied up with jewellery houses to present a jewellery line with their aesthetics. In others it’s a commingling of design aesthetics to present couture garments and fine jewellery that complement and enhance one another. Diacolor’s second collaboration with Suneet Varma in September seeks to do just that – present holistic fashion and jewellery ensembles for the party and wedding season.

Set to be held on September 10 in New Delhi, the exclusive preview will showcase rare coloured diamond and gem-set jewellery by Diacolor coupled with Suneet Varma’s edgy creations in deep jewel tones embellished with geometric and floral embroidery.

Rishabh Tongya, creative director of Diacolor, divulges more about the collaboration in a tête-à-tête with Aliya Ladhabhoy.

Diacolor has collaborated with Suneet Varma in the past and you are all set for round two. What made you tie up with Suneet Varma again?

Suneet is a maestro couturier. Our association goes back a long way and is based largely on mutual appreciation for each other’s design sensibilities. The essence of every Diacolor jewel lies in the simplicity of form and intricacy of the craft of making jewellery, a feature that we also found in Suneet Varma designs.

What is the focal point of the collaboration?

A deep-rooted profound respect for traditional craftsmanship – be it in handcrafted jewellery or embroidery. Our respective design houses recognise and cherish the expression of art in all its forms and the manifestation of artistry.


Tell us more about the collection that will be launched in September. What is the inspiration behind it?

The inspiration behind our latest collection is to bring some of the world’s rarest gems to the centre stage. From rare coloured diamonds like green and orange to equally precious colourless diamonds, this range has everything that spells fabulous!


Have you used fancy coloured diamonds or gemstones in the collection? Are there any specific cuts that you have used?

We do have a vast variety of fancy coloured diamonds as well as precious gemstones in our latest collection.


Is the collection predominantly bridal or will it encompass daily wear pieces as well?

We cater to all occasions, right from engagement rings to bridal sets. Our assortment of trousseau jewels includes everyday wear pieces like bangles and lighter pendant and earring sets.


Have you focused on a particular colour palette?

Our inception of a collection relies more on the gemstones that we would like to offer to our clients rather than focusing on any particular colour. I have always built the collections based on my intuition rather than on trends.


Do you think fashion-jewellery collaborations are a new way of connecting with the public?

Definitely. Fashion-jewellery collaborations are a great way to engage with the audience. It also enables consumers to relate to jewellery and clothes in terms of a complete look.


Do you plan to collaborate with other fashion designers in the near future?

Yes, there are many more collaborations coming up in the future, you’ll just have to stay tuned for more.


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