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Magerit – The Design Czar

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Magerit – The Design Czar

Magerit was originally founded by two professionals with great experience in the jewellery sector, Antonio Calvo and Román Cano, and 24 years later, the company still belongs to both the families. Magerit, meaning the place of many streams, is an ancient name of Madrid that originated during the Arab occupation. True to its name, the jewellery brand Magerit draws inspiration from many cultures – past civilisations, themes from nature, art and mythology – to create exquisite and audacious pieces of sculptural, wearable art.

Magerit’s jewellery is at once identifiable due to its signature chiselled and engraved entities. Co-owner Daniel Calvo reveals that the founders of the company loved art and “they thought that the best way to enter the jewellery market, that was full of similar products, was to make a product that was distinctive, artistic and of high quality. The creative spirit and the desire for excellence made it all possible.”

Created in either 18-karat yellow or white gold, the collections are enriched with diamonds of clarity VS1, colour G to H, pearls and coloured stones, carefully selected in accordance with the strictest quality controls.

Depending on the theme, each piece that Magerit produces is a perfect study in human and animal form – some are wiry and flexible, while others muscular and fit.

The astonishingly real and three-dimensional replication is created by Calvo and his six-member design team, which comprises a mix of jewellers and artists from other disciplines. Calvo adds: “My team and I constantly study human and animal anatomy to enable us to produce collections with complete precision and credibility.”

The collections are intricate and well-researched, and Calvo reveals that from concept to creation it takes one full year to develop a collection. “We present a new line at the beginning of each year, and we usually launch another smaller collection during the second semester of the year.”

Magerit takes pride in making top-quality artisanal jewellery. Each piece is handcrafted in the company’s Madrid workshop and later scrutinised for quality checks, signed and engraved with a serial number, which guarantees its exclusivity, design and quality.

Who is a Magerit consumer? “Women who are looking for something different and have a strong personality; women who appreciate the exclusivity of handcrafted work and give priority to quality; women who want to own and wear a piece of art on a daily basis as well as on special events. I’m sure that in the life of every woman there are different facets and different moments. Magerit tries to find an appropriate jewel for each one of them,” Calvo rounds off.

With 100 retail doors in 26 countries, Magerit’s main markets are Europe and the Middle East, but Calvo notes that the brand is planning to expand its footprint in Asia and the United States.

CO-2025.1-HECHIZO--pendantThe Hechizo pendant crafted in 18-karat yellow gold.

AR-1802.2-Winged-beauty-earrings18-karat yellow gold Winged Beauty earrings.


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