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Shining Bright

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The Trinity collection by a bright Italian-Brazilian jewellery designer, Bia Tambelli, embodies geometric elegance and spirituality enshrined in 18-karat gold. White and brown diamonds, rock crystals and citrine quartz as well as Imperial topaz are employed to articulate the standout jewels. All the eight pieces in the collection bear a common motif – the triangle. Bia has set the stones using trillion and special cuts, devised to enhance the structure and the brightness of the stones.

True to its name, the Trinity collection is an integration of spirituality and art. In all religions and philosophies, the triads are common manifestations of god’s power. Three denotes vibrations of communications, creativity, focus, faith, optimism, joy, social life and emotions. Bia dedicates the Trinity collection to a woman who loves beauty and believes in strengthening one’s own creative energy.

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