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Staying rooted to her culture comes naturally to her. But she is the woman of today and stepping up her fashion game is equally an effortless task for her.

A strong in-built design sense combined with a lineage of
Palanpuri community diamond dealers proved to be fortuitous for Riddhi Doshi, a Mumbai-based jewellery designer, who has been steadfastly making a name for herself in the bespoke jewellery segment. Blessed with an affable demeanour, Riddhi loves her profession as much as she loves to look after her husband and her two young children. A jewellery designer par excellence, Riddhi also devotes time to scuba-diving, dancing, and travelling. Her bejewelled, diamond-studded creations blend the magic of quintessentially vintage style and modern-day glamour. Each individual, she believes, is unique and so, she creates a special piece for every special client.
The secret of her success in running an eponymous jewellery
brand since the last ten years lies in hard work, passion towards
her craft, nurturing clients and creating timeless works of art that they can cherish for life.


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If there has been a jewellery brand that has chosen to take an offbeat path, it is Magerit, a Spanish company headquartered in Madrid. It was born to be different! Magerit’s creative journey began in 1994, and the co-founders, who came with a wealth of knowledge and expertise, wanted to infuse a level of artistry that distinctly resembled Art Nouveau sculptures. Strong, sinewy and supple human and bestiary forms serenely coexist in the poetic imagery depicted in gold and gemstones, bringing to life nature’s forces, old legends, and mythological figures among others. DANIEL CALVO, the award-winning creative director and one of the owners of Magerit, delves deeper into the design philosophy of this exceptional jewellery brand.

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Australia-based MARGOT McKINNEY’s jewellery compositions are an aesthetic assembly of colourful gemstones – a bright and muted harmony of hues that evoke striking, polychromatic imagery. A traveller at heart, an astute business woman, a fearless pursuer of her dreams, and an elegant fashionista – Margot is all of this rolled into one. A diva in her own right, she is the most celebrated jewellery artist of her times in her country as well as in cities across the globe where she has left an indelible mark with her varicoloured collections. Travelling around the world for almost half the year to single out gems and pearls for her bold creations, Margot uses this time to take in the beauty of the various landscapes and natural bounties. Back home, an energized Margot gets into the design mode and confesses to literally dreaming up forms and colour combinations – depicting nature in its most captivating avatars.


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