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The recently released book, Treasures of the Deccan – Jewels of the Nizam, is written jointly by Usha R. Balakrishnan and Deepthi Sasidharan, and published by Graf Media. The book is a visual documentation of the photographic materials at Chowmahalla Palace…

Teasing out and chiselling an alluring and classy piece of jewellery from a piece of wood can be a challenge as it can be difficult to manipulate it to get the desired result. Wood is organic and is expressive, according to RAZIA KUNJ, the creative founder of the eponymous label that she founded two years ago. Her handmade jewellery collections with colourful Indian motifs have a playful, quirky edge and are infused with a feisty spirit. Blending the natural character of wood with her artistic brilliance, Razia’s collections are earthy yet contemporary in form.

Debasmita Ghosh from Ahmedabad belongs to a breed of artists, who express their ideas by using common material – in her case she prefers the humble glass. In December 2017, Debasmita launched her brand Aadikara, meaning the first
creator, and another name for Lord Brahma. In a short span, success has followed this NIFT and NID Design postgraduate. She manipulates glass to create beautiful, nature-inspired designer jewellery that blew our minds.


Zoya, the exquisite diamond boutique from the House of Tata, presents Pezzo d’Arte (piece of art), a versatile collection of 37 dazzling rings, earrings, …


Laced with energetic and exciting gemstones of various cuts and hues, Gyan Jewels, a haute jewellery boutique in Jaipur, presents a range of necklaces …


The timeless collection by Farah Khan Fine Jewellery showcases orderly patterns elegantly meeting cursive motifs. Eye-catching rings crested with handpicked emeralds, rubies, tanzanites and …


Aurelle by Leshna Shah unveils a collection of effulgent rings set with white and black diamonds and high quality colour gemstones such as emeralds, …

SONALI SHETH, the rising star in the Indian jewellery industry, is a multitalented artist who is serious about her craft.

The Fowler Museum, UCLA, recently held an exhibition focusing on the diverse silver jewellery tradition of the Thar Desert region.

Ace jewellery designer ANAND SHAH’s love affair with gold is eternal…designing jewellery is a spiritual act for him and he encapsulates his love for …


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