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The Industrial Age

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Androgyny takes an altogether different route as ATSUKO SANO’s jewellery inspired by nuts, bolts, pins, and links is teamed with precious metals and diamonds to create powerful shapes. The gender-bender collections by the ace Japanese designer are a union of superior mechanical designing and sculptural skills. Defined lines and steely smooth textures come alive in asymmetrical, contemplative formats. These path-breaking jewels touch your inner being. We teamed these jewels with silhouettes by fashion designer URVASHI KAUR, who is known for her atypical drapes with an understated chic.

Seventh Heaven

If you are addicted to happiness then this yellow gold and black on silver collection promises to give you a right measure of light-hearted ebullience. The three-dimensional expression of the earrings and ring denote an ever-expanding circle of happiness, with a play of lines and negative space created out of flat metal. Pair it with the sunny chameaux satin-panelled dress with black beaded detailing. It is nothing short of a visual feast.

Draped to Perfection

Soft olive-green shades envelop the shapes of the ring and ear studs that are mounted in satiny yellow hues of gold. The amazing silky baubles that look like board pins have a segment bedecked with white diamonds in claw settings. The smooth-to-touch jewels combine well with the red and gold duchess satin crystal-encrusted ball gown, making the two luxurious elements the cornerstone of pure indulgence.

Back to the Future

Strong, sharp outlines are etched in these new-age rings that are crafted in white gold and black on silver. The jagged claw pendant, emphasised with multi-tier divisions, offers a strong edge to the duchess satin corseted peplum dress.

La Nouvelle Vague

These jewels come with a caveat: high-voltage fashion is not for the lily-livered. The oversized silver pins plated in black or white gold look dramatic with a white gold collar with braided leather, and a white gold manchette. The jewels conform well with the structured black duchess satin cocktail dress featuring silver chameaux quilted detailing. Cross the boundaries in style.



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